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  5. Midland Curling Club Leagues

    Monday Men
    This is a league for male curlers of all experience levels. The league offers 3 sessions of curling, and each session new teams are formed based on skill level with teams balanced for fairness. Games will be played in a single draw at 7pm.
    Tuesday Mixed
    This is a novice to intermediate level league – more competitive than Friday Mixed but less than Thursday PYOT. You may put together your own team (skip’s choice) or be matched with other curlers on a team. Teams will choose to play either an early (5:30) or a late (7:45) draw
    Wednesday Ladies
    This is a league for female curlers of all experience levels. The league offers 3 sessions of curling (Fall, Winter and Spring), and each session new teams are formed based on skill level with teams balanced for fairness. Games will be played on Wednesday evenings at 7pm. The Wednesday Ladies League focuses on Skill Improvement, socilaization and a bit of competiveness.
    Thursday PYOT
    The PYOT League is the most competitive of the evening leagues, with no restrictions applied to the make up of the teams. This league employs the flight system in order to maintain the competitive spirit across all levels of ability. Registration is by team, but individual curlers may register and will be matched with teams if positions are available. There is a single at 7:00pm
    Friday Night Fun League
    The Mixed league is extremely popular within the club. Both individuals and couples register for this league and new teams, usually two women and two men, are formed three times during the season. The emphasis is on fun, recreational curling as members unwind at the end of a work week. The Mixed league uniquely combines men and women, novice and skilled curlers on a night when social aspects of curling prevail over competition. Members will alternate between an early (6:45) and a late (8:30) draw
    Day Curling
    The Day Curling League is an extremely popular league for adult members who are available to curl during the day. It is the ideal league for those who are retired or have flexible work or school schedules.The league enjoys a healthy mix of women and men with emphasis on fun, improvemnt and social curling.Day Curling is held every Tuesday and Thursday at 10:00am and 1:00pm. We play a 2 hour 8 end game.With 5 sheets we can accommodate 40 players per session. A third draw could be scheduled if numbers warrant. Day Curling uses a “tag” system with teams formed just before each draw from those who show up to curl. Day curlers do not have to commit to curl on any particular day or at any particular session.You are free to show up in the morning, in the afternoon, or not at all. We require that you arrive 30 minutes before draw time so the drawmasters have time to make up teams. When you show up, you will submit your tag to the drawmaster.He or she will randomly place you on a team. The Day Curling League also runs a number of 'fun' bonspiels which provide additional opportunitoes to meet and socialize with fellow members and curlers from other clubs.Day Curlers can register as Full Year Members or they can curl using our Day Pass system.
    Sunday Youth and Little Rocks
    Sunday afternoon, 4 to 6 PM, is a busy time at the Club as the Youth League takes to the ice.

    There are 3 age divisions:

    • Little Rocks (8 to 12)
    • Bantam Boys/Girls (12 to 16)
    • Junior Men/Women (17 to 20)

    The league focuses on skills development with qualified on-ice instruction and coaching, and gives the youth the opportunity to play toward a spot in the Club’s year end Right to Brag Spiel.

    Junior members can also play in most of the evening leagues  

    Membership Rates 2019 2020(Prices include OCA fees, HST and Reserve Fund)

    Membership type Regular Rate New Member Rate
    (includes free learn to curl)
    Adult Limited 1 League $450.00 $247.00 Can spare up to 4 times
    Friday Mixed $345.00 $195.00 Can spare up to 4 times
    Adult Unlimited $555.00 $202.50 Muliple Leagues unlimited sparing
    Day Curling Pass $245.00 $245.00 Prepaid Passes No sparing
    Young Adult $244.00 $244.00 Muliple Leagues unlimited sparing
    Youth $104.00 $52.00 Sunday Only

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