Coach’s Tip #3


If you haven’t already done so, now is the time to inspect your equipment, especially that which comes in contact with the ice.

Brush heads should be thoroughly cleaned according to manufacturer’s instructions. Some heads (such as the EQ) should not have a brush or water used on them. Ensure that there is sufficient nap remaining on the brush head to ensure effective sweeping. An average recreational curler should probably consider changing heads twice a year.

Closely inspect your gripper shoe and slider foot pull-on for wear and tear. Ensure that there is sufficient crepe on the gripper to provide proper traction and stability. Inspect your slider for scratches and imperfections. A damaged slider sole will affect your ability to properly control your delivery slide.

Be sure to clean the inside of your pull-on. Rubber from the gripper’s inside may be transferred to the ice surface by your slider.

Let’s all help keep the ice clean!


Coach’s Tip #2

Throughout the curling season the Curling School will be featuring a series of Coach’s Tips. You can find more information on the Curling School page.

Tip # 2 – Pre-Season

Muscle Memory assists the body in performing repetitive motion: in Curling, we’re referring to the delivery movement.

You can begin to establish muscle memory even before you step on the ice.

Put a couple of thick socks on your slider foot and an athletic shoe on your hack foot. Add one slippery floor and you can replicate the motion out of the hack in your own home.

This is also a great dynamic stretching exercise.


Free Open House “Binspiel”

October 18th, from 2 pm to 6 pm.

Curlers, Tell Your Friends!

Come discover the fun and friendship at the Midland Curling Club with a free introduction to curling sponsored by your local Bin There Dump That operator. Three 90-minute sessions for new curlers will be offered along with prizes and refreshments.

Introduction Sessions start at
2:30 – 3:30 – 4:30

Each session can hold up to 20 new curlers
Pre-registration is recommended but walk-ins welcome based on space availability


Presented by your locally owned and operated Bin There Dump That – Delivering The Friendly

Start of Season Update

League Play starts October 20

It was drawn to my attention that the mobile sign outside the Club might be misleading. It says that curling starts October 14 – and that was meant to be a call to action for potential new members. The Club will be open for practice beginning October 14, but regular league play begins Monday, October 20.

Practice Week

The Club will be open from 9:00 to 4:00 and from 6:30 to 9:00 from Tuesday to Friday next week.

Curling School

Our Sunday Learn to Curl league starts October 26 and is filling, but still has room for more new curlers. This 8-week program is a great way for a new curler to learn the basics of the sport and become comfortable on the ice and in game play. It is just $95, or is FREE to new members also signing up for regular league play. If you know someone who is interested in starting to curl, have them contact the Club for more information.

Dermot Quinn’s Curling 101 clinic on Saturday, October 18 is a 4 hour pre-season tune-up session for anyone looking for a refresher on basic curling skills and techniques. See the website for more information, and sign up on the bulletin board at the Club.

For information on all the Curling School programs see the updated page on our website.


Lockers will be available starting Tuesday, October 14.


Coach’s Tip #1

Throughout the curling season the Curling School will be featuring a series of Coach’s Tips. You can find more information on the Curling School page.

Tip #1 – Pre-Season

Were you buying Voltarin or Ben-Gay by the case last fall? Adjusting (or beginning) your dry land workout can alleviate the pain of opening week.

Upper leg, thigh, groin – squats, lunges

Shoulder, upper arm – presses, lifts

Work/recovery – interval/burst training
(consider the cycle: sweep 20 seconds; rest 40 seconds; repeat)