coach tip #4

Coach’s Tip #4

Line of Delivery

The Line of Delivery is an imaginary line running from your hack foot to the target (the broom). The rock must be propelled along this Line.

The single most important motion in your delivery is the placement of the slider foot behind the rock on the line of delivery before you push out from the hack.

This movement will facilitate the weight shift to the slider foot and ensure stability as you slide along the line of delivery.


Coach’s Tip #3


If you haven’t already done so, now is the time to inspect your equipment, especially that which comes in contact with the ice.

Brush heads should be thoroughly cleaned according to manufacturer’s instructions. Some heads (such as the EQ) should not have a brush or water used on them. Ensure that there is sufficient nap remaining on the brush head to ensure effective sweeping. An average recreational curler should probably consider changing heads twice a year.

Closely inspect your gripper shoe and slider foot pull-on for wear and tear. Ensure that there is sufficient crepe on the gripper to provide proper traction and stability. Inspect your slider for scratches and imperfections. A damaged slider sole will affect your ability to properly control your delivery slide.

Be sure to clean the inside of your pull-on. Rubber from the gripper’s inside may be transferred to the ice surface by your slider.

Let’s all help keep the ice clean!