We Need Your Feedback

Students from Georgian College’s Research Analyst Program have created a survey for past and present members to                    determine how the Midland Curling Club can retain its current members and attract new members.

Although you will be asked to provide your name and postal code, this survey’s findings will be confidential. You are asked to provide these details for statistical accuracy only. (I.E. Duplicate surveys by the same person)

To take the survey, please begin by choosing if you are a current or past member of The Midland Curling Club.

Current Member

Past Member

Your feedback is greatly appreciated.

Beat the Blahs with Blind Mary

This famously fun Celtic band (including the curling club’s own Jim Hanmore) will be chasing away the chills of winter to help us beat the blahs on Friday February 20.

Music begins at 8:30 p.m. and the evening is open to everyone so invite your friends, your family and your neighbours because the more the merrier when there’s a party.

This free evening brought to you courtesy of the Friday Mixed League


3rd Annual Garage and Bake Sale

Saturday May 30, 2015

Set the date aside; start gathering your items for the garage sale, and thinking of the goodies you are going to bake. We are starting to organize for this wildly successful fund raiser. We appreciate your donations of clean, usable items.

Our continuing success is dependent on you!

This is an evolving event, based on our prior experiences and safety issues; there are items we will no longer be accepting:

• No baby furniture, car seats

• No televisions, large appliances, or large furniture items

• No stuffed furniture like mattresses or sofas

• No large rugs

• No Christmas decorations

• No clothing or footwear

• No video tapes, magazines, textbooks, or encyclopedias

We will be looking for volunteers and sign-up sheets will be appearing!

Questions? Talk to:

Karen Mallany (705) 527-0504
Anita Fegarty (705) 538-1585

Midland Meatland Oom Pah Pah 2015

Thanks to Midland Meatland for providing prizes and sponsoring this year’s Oom Pah Pah again this year. We’d also like to thank Georgian Bay Brewery for their donation of prizes for this event.

Congratulations to Team Brauch who took first place in the bonspiel and to Team Powell who were second, but also won the Trivia Contest.

Team Powell - Second place and Trivia winners
Team Powell – Second place and Trivia winners
Team Brauch - First Place
Team Brauch – First Place

Coach’s Tip #5

Warm Up

Properly warming up prior to a practice or game is something we too often disregard. However, taking 5 or 10 minutes to at least stretch and warm the muscles can not only improve performance early in the game, but can also lessen or prevent injuries.

Stretch the muscles you will actually use in sweeping and delivery and slightly increase your circulation and respiratory rates. Your body will thank you in the morning.

Check out the warm up routine employed by Team Norway (aka The Pants).


(Link courtesy Coach Hunter)